Family Justice Center


Washington County


Saving Lives in Our Community

Together we will break the cycle of domestic violence in Washington County.

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About Us

Our Mission:  The Family Justice Center of Washington County is a collaboration of agencies dedicated to providing support and hope to those impacted by family violence through comprehensive and compassionate healing services.  We are committed to ending the cycle of domestic violence in Washington  County.

The Family Justice Center model reduces Domestic Violence (DV) by building a collaboration of public and nonprofit multi-disciplinary service providers together under one roof.   This team right here in Washington County will assist victims of domestic violence, their children and our communities to survive, heal, and break the cycle of domestic violence in Washington County.

Current providers struggle to offer the scope of critical services in one location, and are forced to make referrals.  What does this mean for victims?  It means traveling from site to site, often without personal transportation.  It means telling and reliving the abuse over and over. Systemically, re-traumatization and a lack of enveloping support sends victims back to abuse. Delay may be dangerous.

Our Vision: The Family Justice Center of Washington County is a welcoming community that guides survivors through collaborative, comprehensive and holistic healing services.  Collectively our Family Justice Center provides a compassionate approach, within a safe atmosphere, allowing people impacted by domestic violence to create pathways of hope.

Access to Resources

Shelters, food, child care, medical assistance, transportation, counseling, job transition services, and other social services, all under one roof.

Remote Access

Survivors apply for a restraining order risk-free by remote access to courts via closed circuit video conferencing.

A Safe Place

Safety is our highest concern for Adults and children who are reporting violence. Our shelter is a child-friendly with a secure and staffed play place for children.



Law Enforcement

Legal Services

Employment Services

Case Management

Safety Planning

Child Care



Social Services


Housing Guidance


“My children and I could have been safe three years sooner if we had comprehensive access to services that addressed ALL of the barriers to healing. I had to wait until my daughter was old enough to tell me if her father was abusive during parenting time. It takes a community of support to heal the damage caused by the pattern of domestic violence. DV is a pattern of behaviors that shame, isolate, and create wounds that are difficult to heal. The isolation, manipulation, and emotional abuse are so much more damaging than the physical abuse, but only physical abuse is a crime. Our County needs a Family Justice Center so victims will be safe, and have the support to heal and thrive.”



Love should not hurt! Break the cycle

The Family Justice Center will be an informed collaboration with public and non-profit service providers helping survivors of DV and their children to thrive, heal, and break the cycle of violence in Washington County.

Campaign Goals

  • Seed $50,000 30%
  • Building $350,000 5%
  • Operations $200,000 0%

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